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Scarf cleaning method

Wool scarf cleaning method
1, first of all, wool scarf placed in cold water for about three minutes, the water temperature is best at about 35 degrees, pay attention to the water over the scarf. Then use the flexible washing liquid or special detergent wool gently rinse, do not scrub. After cleaning, wring it with your hands. Don’t make too much force. Don’t throw it away with the machine. After washing and dehydration, the wool scarf should be placed in the ventilated place to spread out and dry.
2, next, the temperature of the iron to the middle temperature or wool position, ironing before drying the scarf evenly sprayed water, and put it on a soft white cloth. When pressed along the warp weft direction, absolutely not oblique force, so as to avoid the scarf deformation, and according to the degree of thickness and texture deformation after washing, pressing the appropriate force.
3, in addition, because the wool scarf tissue structure is loose, so in washing and use should pay attention to, avoid nail, sharp things hook. If only one yarn is drawn, it can be stretched out in the warp or woof direction or picked with a fine needle.
4, in storage, the best wool scarf should not be put together with other clothing, so as not to be clothes on the zipper and buttons and other hooks. The scarf can be rolled into a cylinder and put into a drawer to avoid wrinkles when it is unfolded.
5, how to wash the wool scarf in solving the problem, can not remember the hand wringing, not hanging and airing, jacquard or multicolor wool scarf not long time soaking, different color wool scarf is best not to put together to avoid washing, dyeing.

The difference between scarf and collar

PK result
1, length: is used to stop the wind around his neck to get neck warmer, less than some more tricks, and scarves, usually have buttons like decoration.
2, material: fabric, wool scarf, mink cashmere yarn, Paris cashmere, fleece, feathers, fur, cloth etc.; and scarf fabrics generally use wool, cotton, silk, cotton, modal, acrylic, polyester etc..
3, two styles: collar collar, changeable collar, hooded collar, sleeves with collar, wool collar collar, scarf and shawl on the neck; and the scarf around the neck is elongated, triangular and square etc..
4, function: scarf and scarf can be used to warm the cold winter season, but in comparison, the warm scarf is a little more practical, more emphasis on the decorative scarf.

Scarf collocation skills

1, rose + Black – fresh and bright
The vibrant rose color brings warmth to the cold winter, and best displays the feminine, soft and sweet qualities of the best colors.
Matching skills: Rose and black collocation, reflecting the level of fresh and bright. If you have fair skin, rosy color is your best choice.
2, pink + white – sweet and lovely
Pink thin coat, is essential this season OL wardrobe. With knitted long scarf, is undoubtedly the most sweet and lovely dress.
Collocation skills: the clothes are very flexible in collocation, and the long white knitted scarf is suitable for the dress with any color. Go ahead and choose one for yourself.
3, snow + light blue – natural and fresh
White OL suite, the overall natural temperament of fresh, and light blue long scarf scarf combination, very cute.
Collocation skills: this solid colored long knee scarf is very character. Wearing a coat, you can drape your scarf around your shoulders freely and smartly. In addition, the color of scarf and folder color set off each other, more with the overall mix of charm.
4, orange and white, bright and outstanding
This season advocating bold warm, lively bright colors, so you can rest in the season bright, “grab” people’s attention.
Collocation skills: orange scarf needle stick, white cloth coat collocation, fashion sense is impressive. Orange bold, gorgeous. Choose simple mature funds in the choice of clothing.
5, black + blue – casual fashion
Black knitted scarf is absolutely all-match. Always give a sedate, boring feeling, so in the collocation of clothing, should choose the main color of clothing.
Matching skills: this lake’s blue coat matches the black scarf with a very harmonious color. Simple style in the black mix, casual and stylish, and coat color can also set off a black charm.

Scarf shopping

Scarf and skin color
1, the skin color is yellow people should wear yellow, pink, gray, grayish blue colored soft scarf, should not use red, deep purple, yellow, green and other colors;
2, skin color is black, dark red, deep purple, should not use dark gray, black and other dark scarf, with grayish blue, rose red, the color is better;
3, skin white, color selection range is wide, dark gray, dark red, can make skin more white, yellow, pink and light and can make you more soft harmonization.
4, the skin is black people should not use light colored scarf, neutral color depth as well, and the skin is white people should choose a soft scarf.
Two scarf and body
1, tall, tall and strong, choose a wider length of silk scarves, more beautiful and generous; short stature, slender, long, wide, moderate scarves, neatly proportioned. In addition, the size of the pattern after tying should also be commensurate with the figure.
2, short stature and fat, bust larger people should choose simple pattern, darker color, tone of a single type of loose knitted scarf or silk scarf, because the dark color makes people narrow visual sense, play a role in convergence. The little friend should choose the flower style concise and simple, simple and elegant scarf, but should choose warm color.
3, concave chest and small bust people choose jacquard style, soft texture and fluffy, giving a sense of fat scarf is appropriate.
4, the shoulder narrow or slanting shoulder, the extension scarf, the scarf ends oblique to hanging behind in the shoulder, the vision will make shoulders become relatively generous.
5, neck longer people, men choose thickening lengthened scarf, so as to round neck and shoulder, make the neck short; and women should use loose neck around the silk scarf, color and coat close to.
Three, look at brands and fabrics
1, to choose a reputation, quality and reputation of the brand, do not arbitrarily choose no site, trademark and cashmere without marking the amount of scarf. Then the eye view of product quality, if the quality is cashmere, the appearance of soft luster, suede fullness, hairytypesenseofstrong, its surface with a layer of fine cashmere milling, horizontal and vertical coil uniform density, care is more obvious in the light.
2, at the time of purchase to hand a weigh, pinch, some fabric this can be used to test the quality of. Cashmere is a very soft fabric than wool, light, excellent flexibility, so when buying a hand pinch, a weigh to observe the recovery method, which is to verify its authenticity, and the advantages and disadvantages of the methods of identification.

Weave scarf

First, the preparatory work
Materials required: wool (trade, shopping malls are sold), two wool swab (preferably the kind of coarse, woven will be more attractive, and at the same time more convenient). And patience.
Time needed: the first time you knit it will be enough for a week (2~3 hours a day).
Two start winding
1, first line on the number 1 signed a knot.
Attention: don’t be too big. Just tie it in a regular way. To prevent the wool from spreading out at the beginning.
2, with the right hand will be wrapped around the first round of wool on the first sign.
Attention: don’t be too tight. It is advisable to insert another yarn. A scarf for boys is enough for 30 stitches (that is, the right hand is wrapped around 30).
3. Start knitting scarves. In general the needle will be more good-looking. Needle can be, but is not beautiful. On the needle is actually the first stitch on the needle (or needle), needle needle weave repeat again, so called on the needle. As long as the master of the needle on the needle stitch, it will almost count fabric!
4, woven to the desired length, if it is a girl, you can add some to be. If it’s a boy, you don’t have to

All kinds of scarf scarf

1: put the scarf around the neck in a knot, knot to leave a little gap; 2: the scarves around on the left part, then through the gap; 3: put the scarf from the gap out this statement gives the feeling of heavy, very suitable for the boys.
Balanced junction
1: put the scarf around the neck, cross a knot; 2: the front of the scarf from the back of the neck around the 3: take the scarf from the back over the arrow in the direction of the gap through.
Tongue knot
1: scarf around the neck, the right side of the top; 2: the right end from the middle of the gap through; 3: this section will be worn back from the gap, leaving some overlap.
Light knot
1: scarf around the neck circle; 2: about two scarves cross knotted. 3: in the scarf to make a little adjustment, is beautiful, light knot.
Necktie knot
1: put the scarf around her neck, on the right, behind that scarf along the direction of the arrow on the left that part of a round and round; 2: find out gap points from behind the scarf; 3: the scarf from out of holes.
Big bow
1: put the scarf around her neck, or tie a knot on the left and right in the next; 2: the right side of the scarves folded in 3: the overlap; overlap scarf on the left that below, to the left of the scarf around in the other section along the direction of the arrow; 4: tighten the knot you can.

Material of scarf

1 knitted scarf
Knitted sense of scarf gives a very delicate feeling, reminiscent of romantic Korean drama. Collocation, because scarf unique texture, so more suitable for collocation with flowers and so on some not eye-catching clothes. The whole dress around in the knitting style is exquisite, give people a comfortable warm feeling.
2 silk scarf
Silk is enduring popular material, this material will highlight the skin gloss, easy to bring out the elegant taste, so choose the silk scarf sense, to consider their own skin color, skin yellow girl, or the skin is more dry girls should not choose such as main material texture.
3, cotton scarf
Cotton scarf with strong affinity texture, texture and more pro skin around it very comfortable, and the types of collocation is more all-match, because the material with starkness, good collocation of clothing. This is what material from selected personal material all-match scarf scarf.
4, fur scarf
Fur scarf is usually fixed collocation leather coats, fur scarf around different girls have different taste, color color beauty advice go affinity route selection, highlight the lovely fresh, want to highlight the personal style of the girls will choose natural fur, mottled uneven color is preferred

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